Travel for the Low

Want to book your next trip for the low low? Follow these steps!

1. Find Free Tours

Always on the move? Living life on adventures, in different countries, cities and islands.. there are free tours everywhere you may visit.

These can help give you a true cultural experience of the area, as well as learn as historical insight, get insight on the best restaurant and nightlife there is to offer. 


2. Discounted Sites

 HotelTonight, Hopper, Priceline Express Deals and more are just a few examples of sites that can be used to find discounted flights, hotels, excursions, etc etc.

No matter where you go, there is something for you to find. Signing up for newsletters or other subscriptions can be very helpful to finding the BEST discounts!


3. Low Cost of Living 

US Dollar is usually stronger than most other currencies, so that means you may be living like a king wherever you go. On the other hand, maybe you just want to save some.

Staying at local hostels can get you exclusive insight of the area, which you may not find at a 5-star quality hotel. Traveling while saving is always fun! 


4. Reward Points 

Use travel credit cards benefits to help you save on your trips! Be smart in saving up your credit card points, and you can be rewarded with a vacation of a lifetime! 

From flights, to hotels, to excursions, using the benefits provided by your credit card will always be helpful resources. 


5. Travel during Low Season 

It is smart to travel on an irregular month/non-holiday weekend if possible. This will help you achieve the most with your cash. 

These are important dates as they will allow you to enjoy as much while saving as much, to the fullest!